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Mariana Wagner Listed in Top 10 of Colorado’s Biggest Social Media Influencers | Denver Business Journal

Denver Business Journal

This week I was listed in the Denver Business Journal’s TOP 10 of Colorado’s biggest social media influencers – right up there with John Elway! Whoo Hoo! What an honor.

Check out the cover story in Denver Business Journal:
Cover story: Who are Colorado’s biggest social media influencers?

Denver Business Journal

Check out the full interview here:
Q&A: Mariana Wagner’s real estate success comes from getting social

(p.s. I love how I managed to fit in a zombie reference not once, but TWICE!)

How to Make a Full-Bleed Documment PDF in Microsoft Word

This research came out of my frustration with the condescending chick at the printing store.  For someone who is not overtly techie, I went to my local print shop and asked if they could help me get my document to show “full bleed” so that when I sent it to them to print, it would…



I Have No Fashion Sense. But Who Cares. I Love My Jeans.

Mariana Wagner 1993

It has come to my attention that the majority of Generation X has a serious lack of fashion sense. Myself included. But who can blame us? We came of age during the fashion-disaster of the 1980′s and the androgyny of the early 90′s grunge movement. There is not ONE SINGLE acceptable fashion role model from…

my parents

mariana and her parents circa 1976

So … I call my dad, who lives in Brooklyn, to make sure he is okay (because of Hurricane Sandy). He lets me know that his part of Brooklyn is on a hill so he is safe. He also reassures me that he has plenty of provisions. And by “provisions” he means “rum”. He has…

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