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Make it Personal – Mariana Wagner Quoted in Realtor® Magazine


Mariana Wagner was recently quoted in the March/April edition of Realtor® Magazine, regarding the “human touch” and working with new clients.

Read it here: http://realtormag.realtor.org/sales-and-marketing/feature/article/2015/03/make-it-personal

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8 Ways You Know You’re a Dance Mom to Boys

(both my boys, 2013) I’ve been a “Dance Mom to Boys” since 2008, and there is a unique set of experiences that not only most moms do not experience, but most dance moms do not experience either. Eight ways you know you’re a dance mom of boys: 1. Your son has more button down collar…

Mariana Wagner Listed in Top 10 of Colorado’s Biggest Social Media Influencers | Denver Business Journal

Denver Business Journal

This week I was listed in the Denver Business Journal’s TOP 10 of Colorado’s biggest social media influencers – right up there with John Elway! Whoo Hoo! What an honor. Check out the cover story in Denver Business Journal: Cover story: Who are Colorado’s biggest social media influencers? Check out the full interview here: Q&A:…

How to Make a Full-Bleed Documment PDF in Microsoft Word

This research came out of my frustration with the condescending chick at the printing store.  For someone who is not overtly techie, I went to my local print shop and asked if they could help me get my document to show “full bleed” so that when I sent it to them to print, it would…



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