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8 Ways You Know You’re a Dance Mom to Boys

Orion and Remi 2013
(both my boys, 2013)

I’ve been a “Dance Mom to Boys” since 2008, and there is a unique set of experiences that not only most moms do not experience, but most dance moms do not experience either.

Eight ways you know you’re a dance mom of boys:

1. Your son has more button down collar shirts and khakis and black dress slacks than your husband.

2. You can’t have a “dream duffel” because 90% of the costumes must be dry cleaned and hung up 100% of the time.

3. You’ve become a master at racing in and out of the boys “dressing room” (which is usually some tiny abandoned utility closet) at competitions to organize costumes before another boy comes in to change.

4. Related. You’re the creepy parent stalking the boys dressing room all weekend. See #3

5. You save a ton of money at the vendor clothing tables because (more times than not) your child is not interested in bling, bras or booty shorts.

6. Related. You almost get a little TOO excited when a vendor has something a boy would wear. ‪#‎nappytabs‬

7. “Actually, it’s my SON.” is the most common phrase you utter.

8. Your son has and will always have a remarkably high respect level for girls.


Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 2.18.46 PM
(Remi – 2015)

But wait! There’s More …

9. Your child has no shame when it comes to changing in front of anyone. Ever. (Probably applies to girls too)

10. Your son isn’t even slightly phased seeing hundreds of girls walking around in bra tops and booty shorts.

11. Your son is never phased when the teachers say: “get to work girls”. (Thanks Kim, for this one!)

12. Two Words: “compression shorts”

Orion 2013
(Orion – 2013)

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